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The game is compatible with Java-enabled mobile phones and available in 3 versions (separate files): for mobile phones with 128*160 resolution screens , for mobile phones with 176*220 resolution screens and for mobile phones with 240*320 resolution screens.

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Can’t Stop Klondike for mobiles 128*160 resolution screen version

118 KB

Can’t Stop Klondike for mobiles 176*220 resolution screen version

134 KB

Can’t Stop Klondike for mobiles 240*320 resolution screen version

162 KB

Download to mobile

Please enter your mobile e-mail address or phone number. You will receive to your phone a SMS or e-mail message with the link. As soon as you click the reference, demo version will be downloaded. You can also visit in your phone’s browser and download our programs right on your mobile device.

Download 128*160 resolution screen version

Download 176*220 resolution screen version

Download 240*320 resolution screen version

Demo-version limitations.

The number of game starts is limited.

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[Avril 27, 2007]
Klondike and FreeCell solitaire games for mobile phones

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